Why you Should be Using Tor Browser?

Deep web is one of the most popular sections of internet which can be easily accessed using TOR browser. TOR i.e. The Onion Router has been an open source project since 2004 and was developed by US Navy. The major reason owing to which the browser was developed was, it facilitated government to perform different form of operations. TOR is a universally accepted and one of the most commonly used browser software for accessing deep web.

Tor Browser

Know about Deep web and how it can be accessed?

Deep web has been an enigma for internet enthusiasts over the years. Researchers, scholars and even government agencies have been trying to control the growth of internet and try to ban unsecure websites or those websites which are having explicit content related to criminal activities. However, internet is continuously growing and the part of internet which we explore through our local browser or ISP is merely 5-10% of total number of websites available on the internet. The remaining part is known as Deep web. In order to access such deep web, one needs to deploy and use TOR (The Onion Router). TOR is the most credible and secures form of software which is able to browse internet websites on Deep web. If you still have any doubt then you should read this guide.

Understand the functioning of TOR and how it operates?

You must understand that functioning of normal internet and then you can eventually understand how internet is able to access you a website. Usually everyone is connected to Internet through an Internet Service Provider network and an IP is allocated to every user of that specific ISP. This IP is unique for every system that is connected to the ISP since it allocates the IP addresses. TOR browser goes through the roundabout and doesn’t give your system proper IP address and therefore keeps your identity anonymous. Due to this multiple bouncing of through the network, the source and the destination are not aware about the destination and whether the packet would reach one or more destinations.

TOR Functioning

TOR is consisting of two of the main parts. This first part is composed of different kind of nodes There are two key parts of the onion routing and the first part is composed of the computer nodes. The user sends requests to the router and then there are multiple routers in the network through which hopping continues till the request reaches the destination. Therefore, the end destination doesn’t know anything about the starting destination and therefore it is not possible for any node to know the complete path and from where the request got generated.

How to access TOR?

TOR is an open source tool which is available to download and install free of cost. In order to get started with TOR, you can download and install the TOR browser from online free open source project website available. The version is available for Windows, Linux and MAC OS. For browsing through mobile phone, you can also access Orbot Android application. Sometimes, after installing, TOR you may experience difficulties in your local network firewall or security systems may experience problems. There are various deep web links and websites that can be accessed through TOR and it is a valuable tool to access deep web without impacting your privacy. With the help of TOR browser You can access websites that are not indexed by search engines and often give you information about dark website links as well. Dark web is yet another part of the deep web which is having dangerous, banned or illegal information.

Benefits of using TOR over Other Browsers

Internet is an ocean of information and what we access through public domain is merely 5-10% of the actual data available. Therefore, there is so much that lies beneath the surface. Internet comprises of lot of unknown pages, website links and undisclosed information or protocols still waiting to be discovered. Many websites have been intentionally banned by government agencies or international internet regulatory bodies. However not all websites can be accessed through standard ISP provider and in order to access blocked or hidden part of the internet which is not accessible usually. It gives you a lot of different options and configuration that is not there normally in any other browser.

The Bottom Line

TOR has been available to download free of cost and it provides a great opportunity to the people to access deep web and explore that part of the internet that is hidden. There are many things out there that not many people know about internet especially 5%. Not many people are aware about deep web and that’s another part of the internet which is not connected to the regular internet. If you want to know more about Deep web then you need to install and access through TOR browser.

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