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USTVNow is a live streaming application for watching the American channels. This app is available for Android, Kodi, PC and iPhone. You can also watch the channels of countries like UK, India and Pakistan. It is popular among everyone. There are many benefits of using this application as it comes with amazing features. The USTVNow Apk Download file of this app is available for android and you can download it for free from our site. The live steaming applications are in great demand because people prefer to watch the shows on their devices. Now nobody wants to sit for hours in front of television sets at their home. So they use these applications for watching the uninterrupted videos of their favorite shows. You can watch the number of channels on this app for free. However for watching some other channels you may need to subscribe and pay for the subscription. Every day lots of people search for downloading link of this application. So we decided to provide the link and complete guide for our visitors to use and install this app.

What is USTVNow Apk?

USTVNow is an official US channels live streaming application. IT has wide range of channels like FOX,CBS, POC and more. You can enjoy watching your favorite show anywhere and anytime. If you are using this application for the first time then we have all the information related to this app. well a lot of people are using this app from a long time and people have become fan of it. So we can say that this application is perfect and there will be no harm to your device. The features of this app are amazing and one could not find these kinds of features in other apps. However you will need to register on this application first before using it. But the plans are simple and affordable. You can also select the free subscription which will give you access to limited channels. You can watch almost 150+ channels on this app. the best features of this application are given below, have a look at them.

USTVNow Features | USTVNow Apk Download

USTVNow has various features which are best among all the applications. We know that new users check the features of the application first before using it so we have shared all the important features of the app that must be known by its user.

  • The application can be accessed by outside of US. It doesn’t matter whether you are living in US or not but accessing the shows and channels of this country is easy with this application.
  • The user interface is simple and easy so you will not face any kind of difficulty in using this app.
  • Channels of different countries are also available so you can enjoy the shows of other countries in this application.
  • There are number of channels of various genre from which you can select the channel of your choice and can watch it anywhere.
  • This application can run in Android version 4.2 and above. You do not require having the expensive Smartphone to run this application. If your device has Android 4.2 then you can easily use this application.
  • Uninterrupted streaming of videos is the best feature of this application.
  • You can adjust streaming quality of the channel on the basis of bandwidth so that you can stream the channel in best quality even on low internet.

This application is promising and one can rely on it for watching their favorite shows. Well you will need to register for watching these channels but do not worry as the free plan is available for the users.

USTVNow Supported Devices

USTVNow is supported by almost all the devices. You can download this application in many devices and the company has generated the updates for these devices which we have listed below. So take a look at them and check if you have the correct device for using this application.

  • Android devices
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Kodi
  • iPhone
  • Roku

The above are the devices for which this application is developed by the company. In this article, we are going to tell about downloading and installing the USTVNow in Android. So proceed to read the full article for details.

USTVNow Subscription Plans

As we told you earlier, for using this application you will need to register yourself on the application. You can select the one subscription plan out of three offered  by the company. The new users who are unaware of the plans will get the information here. The three subscription plans are as follows:

  1. Free: In The USTVNow free subscription, you will get to watch the 7 channels, limited DVR and no HD after first few months. The channels like FOX, NBC, and ABC are free to watch. But you can take this advantage only if you are using it in Kodi. But it will be great offer if you are living in the area where these channels are not available.
  2. All Channels: you can access the 24 HD channels in this subscription plan by paying $29. If the high quality channels are your priority and you want to see more channels then it will be beneficial for you.
  3. All channels + DVR: IF you want an additional package in which you are allowed to record any show on live TV broadcast the you will need to pay $10 charges. In this way you can watch your favorite show anytime.

How to Install UKTVNow App on Android

Installing USTVNow in your device is not a difficult task. First of all you will need to turn on the third party installation. Android OS disable the unknown sources by default in order to resist the users from installing the application from third party. We know that there are various sites which have malicious content and share the links which can harm your device. But you do not need to worry about downloading the apk file from the link provided by us. You can download the USTVNow apk file from our site by enabling the unknown sources. And if you do not know how to do this then here are the steps you can follow.

Enable unknown sources

  1. Go to setting of your device
  2. search the security and privacy option from the list
  3. Now enable the unknown sources

And do not forget to disable it  when the app is installed in your device. Now you need to perform the given actions to install the application in your device.

Download and Install USTVNow Apk

  1. Download the USTVNow apk file from here
  2. Open the downloaded apk file from the list of downloads or from the folder where you have downloaded it.
  3. The installation process will start. Wait until the download procedure is completed and click on done button.
  4. Now download the MX player on your device as it is required to use this application. You will find this video player on Play store.
  5. Your USTVNow app is ready to use. Register yourself on the application and select the subscription plan to enjoy streaming the live channels.

Is USTVNow Safe?

Yes, USTVNow is secure and official application for streaming the US channels. IT has a number of users from world and they have rated positively for this app. The reviews for this application are sufficient to describe how secure it is. This application is legitimate and no one has faced any kind of issues related to this application.


USTVNow is one of the most popular TV streaming application allows you accessing the TV channels of this country in various countries. If these channels are not given by your cable operators then you can head to this application. There will be seven channels in free plan and these are the most watched channels in US. We have provided all the details with links to download and install this application in your device. It is safe to download this application but you will require enabling the unknown sources in the settings of your device.

IF you have heard about such incident related to any application then we recommend you not to use that software again on your device. The safety of the device is in your hands so be careful about the application which asks for accessing your photos or contact information. TV streaming apps do not require such information to access from your device so avoid the apps which ask you to give them access of these things.

This is all about the USTVNow Apk Download application and its installation procedure. People having queries related to this application and installation of apk can leave their message in comment section. We will respond to your messages as soon as possible. Also if you have any information regarding this live streaming application then do share it with us and our visitors.

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