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PUBG has become one of the best multiplayer games we have seen so far. This game has got the popularity in just few month of its release and people are getting attracted to it at large scale. The fans of action games are enjoying the PUBG Apk a lot. IF you are also fond of this game and wanted to play it on your device then you are at right place. Here we are going to share the important information related to PUBG including download links, installation procedure, features and more. We understand the need of our users so has decided to provide the direct and safe links for downloading this apk file. Well many sites are also giving the links for downloading and most of them are malicious for your device. But here we assure you that the links given in this article are safe for your device.

PUBG Apk Download

The action games are always gamer’s first choice and PUBG has attained almost first position in their list. If you are one of them and wanted to get this game then you will need to download the apk file in your device. IN this article the complete guide for using this game is given. So read this article carefully and enjoy the unbelievable experience of playing game with such an excellent graphics and features. Let’s explore the world of PUBG here:

PUBG Apk download

What is PUBG Game ? Pubg PC Download

PUBG or Play Unknown’s battleground is an online multiplayer action game. This concept of the game is based on movie called battle royal. IN the game, 100 players will play the game of the survival on deserted island where they have to collect weapons and kill other players. The last player or team who will survive in the end is declared as winner. A safe area is also given in the game which will shrink continuously. This game is played by millions of people all around the world. But still there are many countries where this game is not available on Play store. You can download the apk file and enjoy playing this game with other players. This game is released free for android as well as iOS devices. So you can get the wonderful experience of playing this game without paying any money to the company.

This game is heading to the first position for best action game in the world very quickly. In just 3-4 months PUBG has gained the popularity on the basis of its great graphics, simple user interface and high end controllers. There are many features which are also a reason behind the success of this game. Some of them are given below:

Features of PUBG | Pubg Download Free

  • High quality Graphics: This is the best feature of this game as the powerful Unreal Engine 4 gives the amazing visual effects. These are realistic game play effects with HD map for battleground.
  • Realistic Weapons: Firearms, melle weapons, throwables are the options available to shoot your opponent. Also the travel trajectories are there for this purpose. Moreover the trucks, cars and other vehicles are provided in this game with the help of which the gamers can travel in style, escape from enemies or hunt them down.
  • HD Audio: In this game, the gamers play with high quality audio and 7.1 channels surround sound. The team mates can listen to the voice of each other to make the strategies and hunt their enemy.
  • Team up with Friends: Teaming up with your friends to survive in this game is the best option available in the game. You can make strategies, execute the plan and listen to the voice of your teammates.
  • Fair gaming Environment: anti cheat mechanism of the game makes it fun filled and fair game play for the users.

How to Download and Install PUBG Apk on Android

PUBG is specially designed for the Android as well as iOS devices. However it is not available in all countries but you will find it on Google Play in many countries. We know that the new users are not aware of using the PUBG and installing it in their device. So we are providing step by step guide to install this apk file in their device. You can download the apk file from the link given by us. It is the safest way to get the game on your android Smartphone. But before downloading this game in the device, you will need to satisfy the minimum requirements as well as make some changes in the settings of the device. Here are the minimum requirements and steps for installing the apk file in your device:

Minimum Requirements

  • Internet connection: This is the basic need of this game because it is an online game. You will need a persistent internet connection to remain connected with other players and play the game without any interruption.
  • Android 5.1.1 & Above: Android users below this version will not be able to install this apk file in their device.
  • 2 GB Free RAM: This size of RAM must be free in order to access the game.
  • Headphones to hear the sounds clearly.

Installing PUBG on Android

For installing the PUBG in your android device, you must able the unknown sources in the settings of your device. The Android devices by default resist the third party app installation. So if you ever want to install the application from the sources other than play store then you must need to enable the unknown sources option. IF you do not know how to perform this task then here are the simple steps given to help you out.

Enabling Unknown Sources

  • Go to settings of your device
  • Click on the security and privacy option from the list
  • Enable the unknown sources option.

After enabling the third party installation, your device is ready to install the app. You can download the apk file from the link given by us.

  • Download PUBG Apk file from here
  • Install the app by clicking the file downloaded by you on your device. Follow the instructions appear on your screen.
  • The installation process will take some time till then you have to wait.
  • After completion of Installation, open the app or click on done to open it later.

Now your PUBG game is installed successfully on your device. Play this game without any hurdle in Smartphone. If you do not want to play this one small screen Smartphone then you can also install it in your PC. Details for installing this game in PC are given below.

How to Install PUBG APK on PC

PUBG is the action game which needs more attention by the players. The small screen android phone is not a good choice for playing this game. So if you are interested in playing it on big screen then use the Pc for this purpose. This will need the android emulator and Memo emulator will be perfect for you. It is preferred by the experts too. You can download and install the game as well as emulator easily by following some steps. Here are the requirements and the steps to install the game in your PC.

Minimum requirements

  • 4-6 GB RAM( 2 GB for game and Memo emulator each)
  • Intel core i5 and above

Installing PUBG Apk in PC

First of all you need to download the Memo emulator on your PC. If you have downloaded the PUBG in your Smartphone then you do not need to install it again in your PC. But if you haven’t downloaded it yet then you can download the apk file by using the Memo emulator from Play store.

  1. Download the ES File Explorer or Apk extractor
  2. Extract the PUBG APK
  3. Connect the android device to PC by using USB
  4. Go to android file followed by obb and copy “com.tencent.ig” folder. Then paste this on your PC.
  5. Move the extracted PUBG apk to the desktop

Installing PUBG App on PC using Memo Emulator

  • Download and install the MEMu emulator and make some changes in settings. Click on settings (gear icon) given on the right sidebar.
  • Change general settings of the emulator given as below

Installing PUBG on PC using Memo Emulator

  • Move to advanced settings and select the name of your Smartphone. click on save button and restart the emulator
  • Now right click on the PUBG game apk to open. And install the game.
  • Do not open the game and move the com.tencent.ig folder to download/Memo download folder.
  • Install ES file explorer in Memo Emulator and open it. Go to sdcard/downloads and move tencent.ig folder to Android/obb.
  • Now the game is successfully installed in your PC.

Wrapping up

PUBG Apk is one of the best action games which have gained the popularity because of its wonderful graphics and new innovation in gaming experience. It is easy to play and has various features which are new for the Gamers. Also you can download it from the Play store in your android device. Well it has one drawback that this game is not available for PC. But you can still play it in your PC by using Memo Emulator. We have shared the best method to play this game in your device. The graphics and controls are wonderful. This game can be played as a single or multiplayer. So enjoy this game and play it by teaming up with your friends.

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