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Keycdn is a system designed to lower the loading time of websites. This system Keycdn Discount Code has various servers setup around the globe to accelerate the content. It helps the user to find the server positioned nearer to its place and the least distance results in high performance with reduced loading time.

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Keycdn Discount Coupon

Content delivery network plays a vital role in getting profit from a website. It increases the distribution speed which results in great performance with lots of profit. These services are very expensive and the setup process is very complicated. So, new and small businesses avoid using this system. It is an obvious step taken by those companies but it is not the solution. Using a CDN always enhances the performance of website and no one should get be away from this chance. There are any companies which are providing these services but keycdn is better among all. The reduced costs and highest number of servers make it a key of success for various businesses. Also this company generates coupon code of various discounts and offers for the users. In this way, you can increase the speed of your website within small amount of money and can enjoy various services as well.

Keycdn Coupon Keycdn Coupon Keycdn Coupon

In this article, you will get the coupon code of Keycdn for number of services. However it is better to know about the Keycdn before using its coupon. It has special offer for the new users which gives you 30 day free trial of all the services. Sign up by entering your website name, username and password in the required fields. Then you will automatically get the free trial access of the services. After enjoying the free trial and services, decide whether you want to continue with the Keycdn or not.


How to Setup KeyCDN | Keycdn Coupon

CDN system of various companies is difficult setup but Keycdn has worked hard on making the setup easy for the users. The company has made a 3 step setup process to implement their service sin your website. This will help the new users to setup CDN even if they do not have any knowledge about these kinds of services. The three steps includes

  • Selecting a zone type
  • Creating the zone
  • Integrating KeyCDN with your website

These steps are mandatory to follow for setting up the services. Also ensure before integrating, if the KeyCDN is working or not.

Creating zone in Keycdn | Keycdn Promo Code

Creating the zone is not a difficult task as you need to register on KeyCDN and login with your respective account. You can easily make an account in Keycdn by adding the required fields in the signup page of the official site. Once you are successfully logged in, you can create your zone by visiting Zones section. The required steps are given below:

  • Signup and login to Keycdn account
  • Go to zones and select add new zone option
  • Add zone name, status and type in the required fields
  • Write your website URL in the origin URL field
  • Click on save button

Creating zone in Keycdn Creating zone in Keycdn Creating zone in Keycdn

Now you have successfully created a Zone. If you find any difficulty in selecting the type of zone then here is important information for you. You will get two options in the zone type section- pull and Push. A pull zone is used while user is having the files less than 10 MB otherwise push zone is the only choice. Files with size 100 MB are not supported by the pull zone so we come up with the only option of push zone. After the zone creation, follow the other two steps and your CDN is linked with your website.

Features of Keycdn

  1. Reliable: This is the most reliable system as the user’s requests are routed to the nearest possible centers. It has various servers located at different positions in the world. So you have fair chances of having a server center nearer to your place. This will result in least distance between your device and server which means fast data delivery. Moreover the company is providing its services from many years and has thousands of users all over the world.
  2. Security: This is the best feature of Keycdn as it provides shared SSL for free if your website does not have this certificate. Also it integrates the Keycdn with SSL if your website has SSL certificate. Keycdn offers secure token links, blocking bad bots; let’s encrypt integration and two factor authentications. All these features ensure the security of the Website.Features of Keycdn Features of Keycdn Features of Keycdn
  3. High performance: The Company focuses on high performance so keycdn has various active Pop (point of presence) all over the world. Whether you are living in Asia or any other continent you will get POP there. This is best for on-demand content services as it uses HTTP Live streaming technology.Features of Keycdn Features of Keycdn Features of Keycdn (2)
  4. Attractive prices: Pricing plans of Keycdn are commendable. The prices are least from many companies’ plans. The starting plan comes with $0.04/GB for first 10 TB and then extends after the limit is over. Large volume packs are also available and the prices remain uniform all over the world. Moreover you can take a free trial offer for one month to explore and use all features of premium plan.
  5. Help and support: The support staff assists you in all kind of queries related to Keycdn and its services. You can contact 24/7 to the team through email, phone or Skype. If you have any technical or other query then you can get answers for various questions in the forum. And if you do not get the answer then contact the support team.

Benefits of using Keycdn

Keycdn Discount Coupon

Keycdn Discount Coupon

  • Keycdn allows to create as many zones as required by the user
  • Its dashboard is easy to access and upload updates in seconds.
  • You can manage your CDN account from mobile and tablet
  • Best pricing plans as you just need to pay what you are using.
  • You can deliver the website data, games and videos with much faster speed.
  • Easy to configure CDN zones
  • You will get real time reporting of each and everything happening in your website.
  • The company provides protection from hotlinks and protects the website from bandwidth loss.
  • It offers a free trial to use the services without any conditions.

Keycdn plans and Pricing

This company provides the best and cheapest plans in the world. It costs only $0.04 for 1 GB traffic which means that you have to pay $4 per month for bandwidth of 100 GB. While other companies like MaxCDN is charging $9/month for bandwidth of 100 GB, the cost of Keycdn is a boon for users. This means Keycdn users have to pay just $48 for one year. With 25 POPs around the world, this company has the best prices among all content delivery network systems. Here is the list of plans and pricing:

Keycdn plans and pricing Keycdn plans and pricing Keycdn plans and pricing

KeyCDN Discount Coupon Code

Keycdn introduces various coupons for its users to cutoff the rates of the plans and prices. It is amazing deal for the users to get the discount on the prices that are already lower than any other service provider. Isn’t it amazing that you can save more money by using the codes? Many offers and codes are generated for providing various free services as well as discounts to the users every month. And the company accepts only valid coupon codes for accessing the requests. All the invalid coupons are rejected and user does not get any kind of aid. If you want to get the discount then you must check the validity of the code. It may be possible that the date of validity has passed and coupon becomes invalid. So notice the last date of validity on the code. Moreover we have seen many frauds who share invalid coupons that are not generated by the company. In this case, company will not accept the code whether the last date of use has not passed.

100% Keycdn Discount Code

Here we provide only authentic coupons that are applicable on Keycdn website while making payments. We update our posts regularly so as to share the fresh codes with the users. Also the terms of using the code is also mentioned by us. Be careful while using these codes and take benefit from using these codes.


Keycdn develops the content delivery solutions accessible across the world. With 25 POPs, it is providing the best services than other service providers. Its competitive prices with various offers are a boon for the users. The services help in improving the performance of the website and makes it reliable one. The security features ensure the protection of website from any kind of corrupted data and hotlink attack. If you want to get profit from your site by increasing its security as well as performance at cheap price then keycdn is the only option you are left with. Some More Discount Offers Available on this site – AWeberSEMrush, WPX Hosting, KWFinder, Grammarly, Digital OceanGeneratepress and Many More.

If you have any query regarding CDN implementation then get the 24 hrs support from the team. They are always eager to help you and provide accurate solutions. This service is not available in other companies. So take advantage of this offer and use Keycdn Discount Coupon for your website. This CDN provider must be in your top choices if you want to use a CDN service.

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