Interserver Discount Coupon and Promo Codes 2018

Interserver is one of the best hosting solutions providers since last two decades. It is reliable and has many subscribers taking benefits from its services. Interserver Discount company offers various services including cloud hosting, VPS, and shared hosting. Users can also take advantage of re-seller accounts and its dedicated servers. All these are economic services which can be activated by paying monthly bills. The company has introduced various monthly packages on the basis of the required services by the user. You can easily select the plan at the time of registration. Also if the services and solutions didn’t suits your conditions then you can cancel all services and delete your account. There will be no extra charges for cancellation. However you can get full refund if you have deactivated your account within 30 days of registration.

Interserver Discount Coupon and Promo Codes

Interserver Discount Coupon

Most of the companies touted their users after the present contract is over by them. But you will not find this kind of things with Interserver. They have good customer support which highly dedicated to their work. Also you will get the refund if you have cancelled your account before ending of the month. It means you pay only for what you use and in this way; you can save your money. These services and features are hard to get with any other company’s products. So we recommend you to use Interserver for any hosting solutions. We know that you will be thinking about the expensive cost of this product. You can relax as the prices and plans are already lower than many other companies. Moreover you can sue the coupons for various Interserver Discount Codes and offers on purchase of services. You can redeem these coupons easily while making bill payments.

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Well in this article, you will not only get coupons but also the prices, plans, cons and pros, So that you can easily take decision of taking membership.

Pros of Interserver Hosting | Interserver Promotion Code

Benefits of using a system must be known to each and every user. It helps you in making the judgment whether it is useful for you or not. If you are thinking about purchasing membership then take a look at these pros.

  • Multiple services: Interserver provides various services related to hosting. It is a complete package where you get VPS services to shared hosting. In every category you will get various features and services which will provide you all kind of hosting solutions. It is beneficial for all kind of hosting needs.
  • Uptime guarantee: Interserver offers 99.5% uptime guarantee which is similar to other hosting providers. But the company exceeds the limit and most of the users have enjoyed nearly 100% uptime in a specific period.
  • Money back guarantee: This Company provides the 30 day money back guarantee to the new users. While other companies are limited to 7-15 days guarantee. Using a new system always require time to get through all the services provided. And the time of 30 days is sufficient to know whether the services should be continued or not. This is the big step taken by the company that they refund all the money if user has cancelled the account within 30 days. Moreover the company locks the initial price and do not raise it even after a year ends. Most of the companies increase the prices after first year and continue to these kinds of changes. But Interserver values its users and maintains the consistency with the initial pricing.
  • Good VPS service: VPs services are key features of the Interserver. These are easy to use and its packages are reliable. Most of The VPS services users are considering this company as best VPS service provider. They find setting up VPS so easy that they do not need to contact customer support.
  • Reliable: the reliability of this system can be rated 100/100. The servers of the Interserver maintain the capacity and users experience lesser problems than any other service provider. For making the ease for the users, it has limited the new registration to 100 a day. This step may be considered as bad for the image of company but for providing better and reliable services with good capacity, it is must.
  • Affordable price: The prices are not much lower than other sites but still it is obvious price for the good services. The plans are divided into categories on the basis of service requirement. Shared hosting monthly plans start with $5 for Windows whereas $8 for WordPress. On the other hand VPS packs start from $6 per month. The dedicated hosting pack is a bit expensive with $59. These services with such consistency are hard to get at this price. So we can say that prices are valuable.
  • Excellent customer support: whenever you need assistance regarding any issue in your plan or services, you can do that by calling, emailing or through live chat. This service is available 24/7 and you will get the accurate solution from the team.

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Cons of Interserver | Interserver Discount

The knowledge of advantages is not sufficient for judging anything. You should also know about its limitations.  These are the real points which are considered for giving good or bad certificate. A bad review from customer is as important as the good one. You can check the important limitations of using Interserver here:

  • Poor loading speed: Loading speed is one of the main drawbacks for the users. The company’s average load speed has dropped to nearly about 1200 ms which is lower than the standard average load speed of 2000ms.
  • Limited services: Interserver has the policy for the shared hosting service users that no one will use 20% of server resources at a time. Also if the users having unlimited SSD shared hosting uses more than 1 GB of space then they are automatically shifted to lower performing servers. Moreover signing up into the Interserver is not easy as the accounts are limited to 100 a day. If you want to register on Interserver then you have to try hard to become one of those 100 lucky customers.
  • Slow customer support: well the company has stated that they are giving 24/7 support but the speed of response from the team is very slow. This results in hours of waiting for the reply from team.
  • Money back: This facility is limited to few plans. So make sure before purchasing the plan if this guarantee is applicable on that or not.

Interserver Prices and Plans | Interserver Coupon

As we told you earlier, plans are distributed among various categories. Also every plan offers some additional services and benefits to the users. Here are the plans of Interserver

  • Interserver Reseller PlansInterserver Prices and plans Interserver Prices and plans Interserver Prices and plans
  • Interserver Quick server plansInterserver Prices and plans Interserver Prices and plans Interserver Prices and plans
  • Interserver VPS PlansInterserver Prices and plans Interserver Prices and plans Interserver Prices and plans (2)

Interserver Discount Codes

Coupons provide various offers and deals on plans of the services. Before making the payment you must find the suitable coupon code for great saving. Coupons are very useful for taking advantage of the Interserver Discount Coupon offered by the company. There are many membership packages on which these coupons can be applied.

Online marketing services are always expensive. But the coupons work as a boon for the users as they get Interserver Coupon on the plans and packages introduced by the company. Interserver is one such company which provides various money saving offers on customizable services.


How to Redeem Interserver Coupon?

Interserver coupons provided by us are easy to use. You can easily activate these coupons by writing the code at the time of making payment. Here are some steps to redeem coupon for various offers and Interserver Discount Coupon.

  1. Copy, save or download the appropriate code from our site
  2. Visit Interserver official websiteHow to Redeem Interserver Coupon How to Redeem Interserver Coupon How to Redeem Interserver Coupon
  3. Search for VPS or webhosting plans page on the siteHow to Redeem Interserver Coupon How to Redeem Interserver Coupon How to Redeem Interserver Coupon (2)
  4. Select the package and create your accountHow to Redeem Interserver Coupon How to Redeem Interserver Coupon How to Redeem Interserver Coupon (3)
  5. Enter the code in the field provided.How to Redeem Interserver Coupon How to Redeem Interserver Coupon How to Redeem Interserver Coupon (4)
  6. Check the details of your order and checkout.

Users selecting the VPS packages must chose the package details. It is an important step for activating VPS hosting. These coupons are applicable on certain packages. So make sure that you are using the correct coupon for the respective plan.


Interserver is ruling in this industry from two decades and giving tough competition to other companies. It provides various plans and packages for its users at reasonable price. Its features make it more reliable. This company also offers 30 day money back guarantee on Shared hosting but you can’t get this deal on other packages. It could be a drawback of this company for many VPS and dedicated hosting users.

The prices of the services are bit expensive but the use of Interserver Discount Coupon reduces the cost to some extent. Many companies offer advertise reduced price for one term payment only. This means company will take the exact value from the next schedule of payment and users do not get any discount in future. While Interserver gives the price lock guarantee which means you have to pay the same amount for the next terms. This is the best feature of this server as there will be no price hike and you do not need to pay extra amount in each term. Interserver does not put nay conditions on its services. You can enjoy these services without worrying about price and conditions.

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