Google chrome is one of the most used web browser in the world, everyone prefer Google chrome over other browser as it is fast and secure and provide many extensions and it is easy to use. But sometimes google chrome give some problem one of them like ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED this is the error many users get and many of them find difficult to get over it . So, I came up with different solution to different methods to solve this problem.

Err_ connection_refused is basically due to viruses, malware, fire walls, virus protection software or uncleared google chrome cache.

Sometimes this is due to google chrome malfunctioning.

This is the problem you all getting as shown in the picture.

I will divide this article in two section one for window and other for mac.

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For window users :

There are number of reason for seeing this reason error in window, I will list all the possible way to solve your problem and give the beat possible way to solve your problem easily and quickly.


Method 1 : Clear All Google Chrome Cache & Cookies

First and the very simple  way to fix to get rid of the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error code is to clear all caches and cookies, Like you clear all the browsing history from the browser it is same as you need to clear all the caches and cookies from your Chrome browser. Follow below steps to apply this method to fix this problem.

  • In your PC or notebook, open Google Chrome.
  • On the right side, click on “Menu” and After that click on “settings”

On the right side, click on “Menu” and After that click on “settings”

  • After that click “settings” and on the page click “Show advanced settings”.

After that click “settings” and on the page click “Show advanced settings”

  • Click  on “clear browsing data”.

Click on “clear browsing data”.

  • Clear data of  all the marked one’s.

Clear data of all the marked one’s.

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Method 2 : Flushing DNS Settings

DNS stands for domain name system. It basically translates the domain name into the ip addresses, it also helps in email delivery, it also allows us to use web browser and find the websites which we want.

It is used speed up regular requests to the same hostname so its creates cache . sometime bad result is cached and then this may create problems like err connection refused so we have to clear the bad cache in order to communicate with the host correctly.

All major operating system allows you to flush DNS cache.

How to Flush DNS on Windows

This process is very much similar to all versions of Windows.

Just follow the simple steps written below:-

  • First, open “Run Command” on your windows by pressing Windows Key + R key right at the same time.
  • Type “cmd” in the windows search box which will open your Windows Command Prompt.
  • Now type command  “ipconfig/flushdns” and then press “Enter”, it will flush all DNS cache from your PC.

Now type command “ipconfig flushdns” and then press “Enter”

  • After that, restart your computer will analyze, if the problem persists try retry you open cmd, try 2 Command below.
  • Second command: “netsh winsock reset catalog” .

NOTE:- Try this command when previous command is failed

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Method 3 : Use Chrome Cleanup-Tool

Google releases a chrome clean up tool for chrome a beta edition of Chrome cleanup tool which  is used to scan your PC and remove apps and software’s that might be causing any issues with Chrome.

It cleans up all the software or app that may this type of problem in chrome it is very much effective and mostly solves the problem easily and quickly.

Use Chrome Cleanup-Tool

Chrome clean up tool is compatible with almost all the version of windows and work correctly on any computer, and it will fix your ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Error problem for sure.

So, just download the program from the link provided below and manage the app to fix this problem:

Click Here for Download

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Method 4 : Disable Firewall

In some cases, the firewall block links online and prohibits PCs to get the world wide web. By disabling it may work most of the time.

This procedure  of disabling firewall is only restricted to windows, it is not  mac or linux  because only windows has firewall issue.

  • To disable the firewall in Windows you need to go back to your Windows control panel and choose the “Windows Firewall” option in it; you can even search from the search box by typing ‘Firewall’ in it.
  • In your windows firewall settings, click “Turn off Windows Firewall or disable” option from the left side panel. Administrator approval is also required, If you are prompted for administrator password or type password.

Disable Firewall

  • Click on the“Turn off Windows Firewall” option under public and private network settings, and by clicking on that it will stop your protection, then click “OK” to save the settings.

Method 5 : Try out This Commands If You Face The Issues Still

a. Open CMD.

b. Run below commands.

  • ipconfig/release
  • ipconfig/all
  • ipconfig/flushdns
  • ipconfig/renew
  • netsh int ip set dns
  • netsh winsock reset

These are the following methods by which you can  Fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Error In Google Chrome Browser.

This is all for windows user.


Now its time for mac  users.

  • Cleaning Cache and Cookies of Google Chrome

First method is always clearing the cache of the browser which you can do in a similar way as you do in windows  as you can see in the starting of the article.

  • Flushing DNS Setting in Mac

Dns flushing in mac os x is very simple and easy process , it basically depends on the version of os x in your pc.

First, open your command prompt terminal and type the command according to the os versions , which I a giving below:-

NOTE:- After every command it will ask for password so, give it to commander.

Only one of the command will fix your problem.

Commands are as follows:-

  • For “Mac OS X Yosemite” users you have to Type: sudo discoveryutil udnsflushcaches
  • For “Mac OS X Mavericks” users you have to Type: sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder
  • For “Mac OS X Mountain Lion” users you have to Type: sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder
  • For “Mac OS X Lion” users you have to Type: sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder
  • For “Mac OS X Snow Leopard” users you have to Type: sudo dscacheutil –flushcache
  • For “Mac OS X El Capitan” users you have to Type: sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder
  • For “Mac OS X El Capitan” users you have to Type: sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder
  • For “Mac OS X Leopard and below” users you have to Type: sudo lookupd –flushcache
  • Re-installing your Chrome

  1. Type “appwiz.cpl” command on the run commander or you can directly open by using control panel.
  2. Select chrome and then just click on uninstall.
  3. Then again download google chrome from official website and install it.
  4. Use chrome clean up tool as explained above.

NOTE:- Restarting the router or checking lan cable can also sometimes solves the problem or sometimes its from internet provider so if not solved from above steps then do contact you internet provider.

These are all  best possible ways to fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED problem in mac and windows.

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