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Generatepress is a free theme developed by Tim Usborne; it is a lightweight, fast and responsive wordpress theme. He created it to cater to the needs of his web designing clients but later released it for free enabling it to become one of the most popular theme. It can be used as a base theme or you can upgrade to the premium option. There are various add -ons which you can choose to enhance you theme, new features and add ons are developed constantly. So here are providing you Generatepress Discount Coupon that will give you good discount.

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Features of GeneratePress

Greneratepress is supposed to be a light theme, so it not heavy on features. The carious features include:

generatepress discount coupon

  • It is fast and lightweight

The generatepress is coded in such a manner that it is very lightweight (less than 1 mb zipped) and thus is very fast in its usage.

  • It is mobile responsive

Unlike many other themes this theme is mobile responsive that it is very easy to use on the mobiles or tablets which gives it an edge over its competitors. Generatepress makes your site look amazing on the mobile phone .This is a great feature as most of the searching is now conducted on mobile phones.

  • Highly compatible

This theme is highly compatible with the all the major wordpress plug-ins which include EDD,WooCommerce, WPML, bbPress,WPML and all other plug-ins  .it is also compatible with all the browsers making it a great choice for a developer.

  • Can be modified

This is the theme that can be customized according to your needs and can be modified without any obstacle. You can preview the changes  before taking them live. It is very simple to customize all you have to do is to navigate to appearance → customize .You can customize your header width, site title /logo alignment and many more things.

  • Developer friendly

It is a very developer friendly theme to use as there are various hooks and filter available which reduces the development time considerably.

  • It is a secure theme

The fact that this theme is approved on the makes it a highly secure and stable theme .

  • Great documentation

The documentation on this theme is great all the information regarding the theme is easily available on the internet. We tried to search some information regarding how to disable Google fonts and it was quite easy to find.

Features of generate press

Pricing of GeneratePress

The basic or the default version of this theme is free of cost but if you want update to the premium Genratepress version you will have to shell out $39.95 with one year support and updates .It is worth for the price as you will get all the 14 add- ons with various other benefits .They also provide 30 day money back guarantee.

The free version of the Generatepress provides you with the following features:

  • Full width or contained

You can set Generatepress to contain or expand to fill the whole window according to your need

  • Top bar widget area

You can add the content or any other detail you want to be displayed at the top bar in this feature.

  • Add logo or image for site title

You can add an image, logo or a tagline as the site title using this feature

  • Navbar Options

Using this feature you can add the navigation bar above below or inside the site header according to your choice .path to navigation bar is

Go to Customize→ Layout → Primary Navigation

  • Featured Images

You can set featured images as you write your post it will be displayed at the top of your post automatically.

  • Footer Widget

You can use one or more than one out of the five footer widget options available .but you cannot use 3 or 4 before 1 and 2.

  • Footer Bar

It is a separate are for the footer widgets it is best place to put a big bold call in action.

  • Back to Top

You can enable this feature if you like.

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Features of Premium Version of GeneratePress

If you upgrade to the premium offer you can enjoy the following 14 add-ons:

  • Typography

You will be given a wide variety of font families, font weight and many more that you can choose.


  • Colors

Being a premium user you can change the color from the 60 color options provided. You can change the background color text color, link color, link color hover, link color visited in your choice of color.

Colors Generatepress

  • Sections

You will easily able to create seamless sections inside your pages to build exciting layouts. You can use any one of the option from the list that is feature, content, parallax, simple content.

Sections generatepress

  • Menu Plus

You can add a sticky menu in three styles namely fade, slide pr no transition , a menu logo and a slide out menu using this add on.

  • Spacing

You will be able to control the spacing of every component you like.

  • Blog

You can display you posts or blogs in whichever style you like mainly in coloumns.You can also change the size, layout, alignment of the post.

  • Backgrounds

You can change the background in the way you want by adding images or pattern of your choice.

Backgrounds generatepress

  • Secondary Navigation

Along With the primary navigation you can also add the secondary navigation using this add on.

Secondary navigation generatepress

  • Copy Write

You can add your custom copywrite using this add on. This is a very useful feature.

  • Disable Elements

Using this element you can disable the various specific elements like the header, primary navigation, secondary navigation, post image/page header, content title, footer and many more options.

Disable elements generatepress

  • Hooks

If you like to add any new options on your dashboard you can use this add on. This makes is quite easy to add any plug in that you think is required.

  • Import Export Option

You can easily import and exports using this add on

  • WooCommerce

You can take the control of your woo commerce store using this add on

  • Page Header

You can add a picture or complex texts for your header using this add on.

Page header generatepress

Diving into GeneratePress | Generatepress Premium Discount

Using the Generatepress is surely a wonderful experience, it is true to its claims in the manner that it is lightweight and very responsible while you are using it .The load time is tremendous at 265ms which is great depending on the size o the file .Other great feature of the generate wordpress is that very file loaded in the wordpress is made as small as possible. The add ons also deliver brilliantly .You can add or delete the elements that you are not using and it will not appear on your site. Another highlight is the incredible support response time from the developer. Generatepress performs true to its claims.

No Child Theme Needed | Discount Coupon of Generatepress

Another aspect of generate wordpress that impresses is that it does not does not require you to use child theme .a child theme is the theme  which copies the styles and all the functionality feature of another theme that is the pre theme .This will make your work so much easier and simpler .You will no longer lose your customizations when you upgrade to update you’re your Generatepress theme .there will not be no need to edit your functions.php or headers.php.The hooker add on facilities to achieve this feature.

Various php functions that you can use with your Generatepress are:

  • Read more button: this button adds a read more button the front page o the blog.
  • Disable Google fonts: you can disable the google fonts using this function
  • There are many more functions that you can use.

Other Impressive Things about the WordPress

  • Lot of options

On each page or post there are various options to change the sidebar layout and the footer widgets. The picture below shows all the available options.

Lot of options generatepress

  • Swap function

You can easily swap between two pages or between the default to a full width page and you can also disable the elements you do not want

Swap function generatepress

  • Customize layout option

There are numerous customize options. The picture below will show you some of the main options. You can change the container width, spacing, sidebar layout and the list goes on.

Customize layout option

  • Colors

There are various color options to choose from .The picture below showcases some of them

Colors Option Generatepress

  • Typography

The image shows you some of the various typography options to choose from .you will no longer need to add an additional custom CSS.You can change the body, header and the headings of the page or post with the various options provided.


  • Blog

Again a vast variety of blog options are there to choose from which allows you to have full length picture on your post or blog and also to have small features images along with the text .The post and publish date on post built-in option is also available. Some of the various options are :

Blog generatepress

  • Responsive columns

This function allows you to add super responsive columns easily to any post or blog .features include:

  1. Equal height columns
  2. Tablet grid column
  3. Add custom classes
  4. Desktop grid width and many more
  • Sections add on

This feature which is available to the premium users lets you to do all kinds of things in terms of design. Generatepress does not only limit itself to the bloggers but can be used by the e commerce websites also.

  • SVG logo in generate press

You can also use a SVG logo in wordpress by adding some plug-in and a css to the wordpress customizer.

  • Disable options

You can disable the options which you do not feel like using and you can also use all the functions if you like because it is all modular, this function was earlier available on very few themes.

Disable options generatepress

Speed tests of GeneratePress | GeneratePress Promo Code

The speed of your website is very crucial for its success .You will be rated higher on Google if you have a better speed and accessibility than the other sites. Generatepress, comes out as the best choice if you are looking for a theme which is faster and more accessible. Generatepress is quiet quick if you compare it to the other sites it may reduce the size of your files about 2 times less without affecting the quality of it. When tested the Generatepress comes out to be a wonderful theme .It is fast and was given a performance grade of A.

Speed tests of generatepress

In comparison to the other themes like mythemeshop theme, old array theme etc it is quite faster and easier to use.

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All in all generatepress is very impressive and effective so Generatepress Discount Coupon is here for you. It fulfills all its claims and is the right choice for the people who are looking for a theme which is lightweight and has a responsive developer .it is basically the best theme in today’s time and you should use it as soon as possible.

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