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DigitalOcean is one of the best hosting service providers for all web hosting and related blogging requirements. This, company was build up in 2011, and from that year, it is ruling over the world. This company provides the best features of web hosting at low prices. Promo codes and coupons help the users to take advantage of various discounts and offers. So we come up with this article to share valid coupons for our users. Also, we are going to tell you about the DigitalOcean and its services. DigitalOcean has various hosting servers in the world and work as VPS hosting provider. Servers at different places help the company to give the quality services to the users. It makes the DigitalOcean best among the entire VPS service provider. Moreover, the Digital Ocean Discount Coupon and offers add more value to the company’s worth. Imagine you will get $20, $50 in your account while purchasing the hosting.

Digital Ocean Discount Coupon for New Customers

This company generates a coupon of $10 for every new user. For using this coupon, you need to register and verify your account on the DigitalOcean. The verification process is done by adding the details of your Visa/MasterCard/ PayPal. Here are steps to generate and used this coupon.

  • Sign up : the first step is to sign up with email and password on the official website of DigitalOcean. Make sure that your email is unique and is not registered with DigitalOcean in the past.

Sign up Digital Ocean

  • Verify your Email : This is an essential step as every company follows the procedure of verification before assigning an account to the user. You need to verify your email id by clicking on the link sent to your email address.

Verify you email Digital Ocean

  • Make Payments : This step includes the payment for the services of DigitalOcean. You are required to add the details of your card or make onetime payment using PayPal. This will cost you $5.

Make payments Digital Ocean

During this process, you do not need to add any promo code or coupon. The $10 coupon will automatically add to your account once you have successfully created your account on the site. But at the time of sign up, payment of $5 is must to be done. And you do not need to worry about $5 as you can use the total value of $15 for further services of DigitalOcean. This means that with payment of one month VPS, you will get the VPS for other two months free.

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What makes the DigitalOcean best among all hosting service providers?

  • Minimal Rate : The cloud server is used for testing purposes, and if you are using the DigitalOcean version then it is possible in minimal costs. The hourly rate of DigitalOcean is meager in comparison of other service providers. Having your cloud server is best for you. The primary server of this company that can be used as test server run under a minute. Also, the cost of testing the code is only $0.007/hour. It is obvious that the company will charge money from you even if the server is powered off. But this is applicable until your template is not deleted. You can create the new template for further use and then remove it to save your money.
  • SSD only Cloud : The Company provides the flexible API, high-speed SSD hard drives and option to select the nearest data center. It is using the fastest technology to help the users for improvement in the management of all the resources. Also, you will be able to get high-speed data delivery with these services.

Features of Digital Ocean | DigitalOcean Student Discount

Digital Ocean has the best hardware quality among others. It has various features that help in developing the trust of the user in this company. Also, they are trying hard to provide their services with high speed and new technology. The company lets you know about their hardware details. Isn’t it amazing that they do not hide anything from the user? We are going to discuss some of the essential features that everyone must know about DigitalOcean. Here are the details:

Features of Digital Ocean

  • Private Networking : This networking plays a vital role in the interaction of droplets. If you want to use any other droplet for storing files, host to host and replication of data then this networking will help you in doing these tasks. But this networking works between the droplets of the same data center.
  • Kernel-Based virtual Machines : These are specially designed droplets used for providing high-level security with high performance.
  • Bandwidth : The beginner’s plan includes 1TB bandwidth that can increase up to 9TB depending on the plan you have taken. It will cost you $0.02/week for next GB of data so if your plan is small then pay the cost and take advantage of increased bandwidth.
  • Hardware : ECC RAM and RAID SSD storage are the parts of the HEX Core machines providing cloud services to the users. They ensure the high speed of data delivery.
  • Control Panel : The control panel reduces the stress of users for handling the complexities of web hosting. It is simple and focuses on the usability of the server with explicit content.

Control panel of Digital Ocean

  • SSD Hard Drives : These drives plays the essential role in the improvement of site performance. They are faster than ordinary hosting providers.
  • Disk Space : The starting plan consists of 20 GB of disk space that can go up to 640 GB. It gives you much space for storing the data.
  • Operating System : Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, CentOS are commonly used the operating system by DigitalOcean.

Operating system Digital Ocean

  • The 55-second Provisioning : DigitalOcean is best known for fast caching speed which is the result of provisioning of cloud servers in just 55 seconds. In this way, your machine will ping fast and increase the performance of your site. This is one of the main reasons for selecting DigitalOcean.
  • IPv6 Support : Enabling IPv6 without rebooting is the best feature we have seen. You can quickly enable IPv6 while creating a droplet or on existing services. Now the steps for doing this task are not painful anymore.

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Advantages of DigitalOcean | DigitalOcean Education Discount

DigitalOcean comes with various benefits for its users. It is based on the new technology with latest features developed by the company. This enhances the performance of the sites and converts the site into the huge profit. Here are some of the advantages listed by us:

  • Fast and secure servers with SSD hard drive
  • Packages available at reasonable price for all customers.
  • Use the latest version of internet protocol that is IPv6.
  • Redirect traffic from any of cloud server using Floating IP’s feature.
  • It facilitates you in sharing the resources without sharing the username and password.
  • One click WordPress Installation is another advantage that is very helpful for the new user.
  • It gives you complete control over your site and server with private IP.

The above advantages make DigitalOcean better than any other hosting service provider. It solves all the hosting related problems within a limited period. The supporting staff is always available for your assistance. You can quickly get the information you needed to know about the server or any issue.

Limitations of DigitalOcean Hosting | Digitalocean Discount Code

Everything in this world comes with some cons and pros. So, when we are talking about DigitalOcean advantages, then its limitations should also get some space in this article. DigitalOcean has fewer disadvantages that can be countered by taking some precautions. But still, we need to tell you all about DigitalOcean.

  • These services do not come with an auto backup of content between various data centers. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot take a backup. It can be done manually by following some steps.
  • It is CLI based, and you probably need a programmer to work with commands over command terminal.

These two limitations are not considered by many people as they can be countered easily. There are no such essential cons that can affect the use of DigitalOcean.

How to enable Backups in DigitalOcean?

Backups on the DigitalOcean can be enabled by taking some steps. Most of the people are not aware of these settings. We are going to introduce the steps to be considered as well as the extra cost you will be charged for enabling this feature. Backups of the droplet are easy to get on, and you can follow the given procedure:

  • Click on DigitalOcean control Panel
  • Select Backups link on the sidebar of droplet’s page
  • Then click the enable backup button

How to enable Backups in DigitalOcean

The backup pricing will be based on your existing plan. You have to pay 20% value of the current plan per month. For example, $2 will be charged from the user having an existing plan of $10 per month. This is the only way to get the backup of your droplets in DigitalOcean.

DigitalOcean Hosting Plans and Prices | Digitalocean Promo Code

It is obvious that if you are using services, then you have to pay the amount to the respective company. The prices are always a headache for the people working online. But DigitalOcean makes your work easy as you do not need to loosen your pockets as much as you have to do for using services from other providers. The first and the cheapest plan starts from $5 per month with 512 MB memory, 20 GB SSB disk and more features. Moreover, if you use the DigitalOcean for less than one month, then you will be charged hourly. This hourly billing system will save your money. Here are some of the packages listed by the DigitalOcean:

DigitalOcean Hosting Plans and prices

DigitalOcean Hosting Plans

DigitalOcean Coupon Code | Digitalocean $50 Credit

Coupons are used widely for saving money on various services and features. DigitalOcean users search for these kinds of vouchers for keeping their money while purchasing the hosting services. The latest coupons are very beneficial as they provide tremendous discounts from $10 to $50. You will get all kind of credit vouchers, Digital Ocean Discount Coupon and codes at our site. We told you earlier about the new user coupon, and now we are sharing the best deals you can get from this site.
DigitalOcean regularly generates coupon codes for promotion. You can quickly grab these codes for savings you can get on sign up or hosting plans. Also, the users can get credit in their accounts by using these codes. We have come up with the collection of these codes that will save your money. Although the price of plans is minimal but isn’t it good that you can get discount on that amount.

digitalocean discount

Every coupon comes with the validity depending on the period. So you must check the date of validity before using it. We always share the valid coupons with our users, but as usual, the validity may end in the respective period. Keep in mind that Single code can be used once by a user. Hence careful use these codes and get huge discounts for hosting services.


DigitalOcean has become the hub of application developers and bloggers. It is simple cloud infrastructure that provides various services to the users. This is a boon for developers as they get every hosting related solution at one place. The plans and pricing are low in comparison to other hosting service providers. Also, it generates various coupons for the users to get massive Digital Ocean Discount Coupon while making payment for any of the service. Like every other service provider, it comes with some limitations. The difference is the limitations of DigitalOcean can be countered quickly, but others do not show any sign for this purpose.

Whether you are hosting a small or large site, DigitalOcean is the best service provider in low prices. If you choose this provider, then you do not need to worry about money and issues related to hosting. You can get various features in just $5 per month package that is the cheapest plan offered by DigitalOcean. The support team gives the best assistance whenever you need them. In this way, we can say that DigitalOcean is an excellent choice for the people looking for cheap and best hosting solutions.

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