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Cloudways is the most popular cloud based WordPress hosting provider. It has specially designed to enhance performance security and speed of website. This is a fully functional hosting provider at reasonable price. Many companies offer these services at high price but Cloudways Discount Coupon  has somehow managed to lower the expenses. It is a great deal to get rid of the web hosting headaches and manage your website properly. This is a cloud server platform which has amazing features and advantage. It provides free trial without adding your credit card details and lets you select one of five platforms which includes Google cloud platform. Other web hosting service providers ask to add the credit card details at the time of sign up. But Cloudways keeps the reliability and ask to add email address and password only.

Cloudways Discount Coupon

You can also sign up using your Google account directly. Whenever you want to leave the membership, you can do that easily without any hurdle. In this way, it is a secure platform for every user.

Cloudways Cloudways Cloudways

This platform is suitable for large ventures, website developers, and managed Cloud hosting and custom applications. IF you want to increase your income from your website then you must use the cloud hosting services by Cloudways. Most of the people do not use Cloud hosting due to its complexity in configuration, security and maintenance. But Cloudways comes with ease of managing the platform with all the simple solutions for security, configuration and maintenance.

Why to Use Cloudways ? Cloudways Discount

As we told you earlier, it is a managed cloud hosting service provider. Here you can select different plans from one of the five hosting services that are- Amazon web services, Kyup, Vultr, DigitalOcean and Google cloud platform. So it means the Cloudways is not limited to one hosting services and you will have various choices. You can use DigitalOcean server for staging environment and simultaneously can purchase the Vultr services for main WordPress website. This will not only enhance the performance of your website but also will save your money. You can do all these things with just one account.

cloudways discount coupon

Cloudways users can cancel their services anytime and they will be charged for what they have used rather than paying for whole month. The plans of the Cloudways are postpaid and the invoice is sent to the users through emails on the first week of the next month. If the account has been cancelled before ending of the month then the user will be charged per hour. It is really a money saver service in which you pay for what you are using. There are many other features which make this service provider more valuable.

Why to use Cloudways Why to use Cloudways Why to use Cloudways

Features of Cloudways | Cloudways Discount Code

  • It supports one click backup and restore option
  • It provides 25+ data centers
  • No contracts
  • Multiple choice of cloud infrastructure like Vultr, Google, Amazon and more.
  • Offers Unlimited domains
  • Supports Staging URLs and Staging areas
  • Cloudways maintain servers and configurations
  • Complete firewall protection with multiple layers
  • Built in support for Git and cron job manager
  • Uses High performing SSDs for storing data.
  • Server resources are monitored
  • One click app installation
  • Compatible with PHP based web apps like WordPress, Druple, Joomla
  • No need for SSL certification with built in support for let’s encrypt.
  • 24x 7 customer support
  • Free website migration

The typical responsive time of the technical support is within 30 minutes. Also you do not need to worry about the maintenance of your servers as Cloudways will do that work for you. Also the SSDs will enhance the performance and speed of your website. All these features make the Cloudways perfect for your website or blog.

Pros of Cloudways | Cloudways Coupons

  • Free service for a month: This service provider offers its services free for a month for new members. At the time of signup you will get the free trail so that you can decipher the terms and set up of the services.
  • Pay as you go plans: You need to only pay the amount for what you have used.
  • Easy to set up: Setting up the services is easier in comparison of others service providers.
  • 24/7 web based customer service
  • SSL Certification: users do not need to pay extra charges for the SSL certification as it is included in it.
  • Easier site backups: Site backups can be set to automatic or user can schedule it for the future. Site backup is always a headache of the bloggers and site owners. It is boon if your data backup automatically.
  • Site migration without extra cost: Site migration without any extra money is not easy to get but Cloudways provide this feature for the users.

Cons of Cloudways | Cloudways Coupon Codes

  • Phone based customer support is slow and needs more improvement. Sometime it becomes irresponsive which is a shame for the company.
  • No domain registration option is provided.
  • Cloud based hosting is not suitable for everyone due to its complexity and need of expertise.

Cloudways Plans and Pricing | Cloudways Promo Code

The plans for these services are not limited to the traditional plans like VPS hosting, shared and dedicated hosting in which only monthly charges are applicable. This company provides various pay-as-you-go-plans in which you need to pay only for what you have used. It is the best option one could ever get. Imagine you have cancelled your services 12 days before the month ends then you do not need to pay for those 12 days. You will be charged only for the hours, your services were active. In this way, you can save your money with these plans. Although it also provide traditional monthly billing option and the monthly plan starts from $10 and can go up to $1035. The lowest plan includes 1TB of monthly data transfer, 1 GB RAM and single core processor. Whereas the highest plan gives you 3840 GB of storage, 12 TB monthly data transfer, 192 GB RAM, and 32 Core-processor.

Cloudways Plans and Pricing Cloudways Plans and Pricing Cloudways Plans and Pricing

Cloudways Discount Coupon

Cloudways Promo Code or coupon is the best way to reduce the cost of using the services. This company generates some vouchers for the members and we are sharing these coupons in this article. You can take advantage of using these coupons. These vouchers consist of maximum Cloudways Discount ; a user can get from the company. Make sure that you are using the correct coupon on a particular package.

How to use Cloudways Discount Coupon

These coupons are generated by the company for advertisement purpose. They turn out to be beneficial for the users. The cloud hosting services are expensive than we can think, so they are not affordable to bloggers. But Cloudways has come up with the new concept of providing the different cloud structure which reduces the cost and also the coupons lowers the expenses of any website owner. Here are some steps to redeem the coupon

  1. Visit the official site of Cloudways
  2. Click on the green button with label ‘Get started for free’.How to use Cloudways Discount Coupon How to use Cloudways Discount Coupon How to use Cloudways Discount Coupon
  3. The sign up page will appear. Add the necessary details like Email, password and select the option asked below to you.How to use Cloudways Discount Coupon How to use Cloudways Discount Coupon How to use Cloudways Discount Coupon (2)
  4. Click on “Got a Promo code?” and add the code in the field appeared
  5. Now proceed by clicking the start free button.
  6. Add your contact number and click on send the activation code.

How to use Cloudways Discount Coupon How to use Cloudways Discount Coupon How to use Cloudways Discount Coupon (3)

After the activation of the account, you can enter the Cloudways Discount coupon code for getting the benefit. Also you can sign up with the help of Google, Github and LinkedIn account.


Cloudways is the one of those best companies which provides quality services in the field of managed cloud based WordPress hosting. There serves are amazing and helps the user to grow their business. Moreover 24/7 customer support is present there for your assistance. You can directly contact them via live chat or through email. The company also provides the 60 days money back guarantee which means you will get free trial of all the services for 60 days. The structure of this company is detailed and you can get everything related to your issue within the website.

The difference on Cloudways and other companies is that you can select multiple cloud infrastructures which are not common in other companies. This is done to provide quality services at cheapest rate. Moreover you can create the site without any hurdle. You have to just login to your account, choose the theme, customize and add photos. Your site is ready for use and you will see the services are faster than other company.

One click cloning is the option given by Cloudways to its user. Many a times users need to create the duplicate of server and apps but many companies makes this process complicating by adding various steps. Cloudways believe in making everything simple so has introduced the one click cloning in which you can create duplicate with just one click. Moreover the coupons are provided to the members so that they can take advantage of various Cloudways Coupon Codes and offers of the company.

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